Statement to Community Members on Senate Passage of Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act (S.3744)

May 14, 2020

Dear Community,

After many months of hard work and dedication from the Uyghur American community and its allies, S.3744 (formerly S.178) – Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020 has passed the US Senate! The bill now heads to the House of Representatives for a final vote.

Our celebration is matched by a sense of heavy responsibility. We know Uyghurs back home face unspeakable suffering. Countless innocent Uyghurs have been locked up in concentration camps. Tens of thousands have been forced to work in factories in slave-like conditions throughout China. Bright, beautiful Uyghur children have been separated from their families—sent away to state-run orphanages. The Uyghur culture and religion are being destroyed. We know the Chinese Community Party (CCP) is responsible.

The passage of S.3744 – Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020 demonstrates that the American people also know the CCP is responsible. The American people now understand the consequences of the CCP’s growing influence. A regime that holds captive an entire nation—The Uyghur nation—in the largest open-air prison in the world has no place in the 21st century. Let’s keep educating citizens and policymakers to take bold action that holds the CCP accountable for their crimes against humanity.

The Uyghur American Association will continue to work closely with Congress, the Uyghur Human Rights Project, Campaign for Uyghurs, and other partners to get the bill passed in the House and signed by President Trump. Beloved community members, your persistence on behalf of the Uyghur people is essential and appreciated. Let’s keep working! It’s our responsibility. There are no limits to what we can achieve when we work together.


Uyghur American Association